SMS Mobile Websites Represent a Huge Value to Car Dealers

SMS Mobile Websites Mobile Users Exist…AND they are looking for their next automobile!

  • 18% of automobile shoppers are accessing information on their mobile device.

What this means….More shoppers are shopping on the go

  • 75% of all page views are DIRECT to inventory (new and pre-owned).

What this means…. On the go car shoppers using mobile are more profitable prospects

  • 40% of all call to action behavior is through the phone hyperlink.

What this means…Shoppers are using the phone to shop and simply clicking on the phone number to learn more or see if what they are interested is available.

  • Maps are a high usage mobile feature

What this means….Knowing geographically where the dealer is are and how to get there when they want to take action

Mobile Shoppers Generate More Relevant Leads

Engaged shoppers know the information they want and can expect when they submit a lead.
Response time and setting expectations is critical at this point.

  • Mobile automotive purchase intent is 4x higher than online automotive purchase intent.
  • Perception is text messaging is more urgent than email, although mobile messages have a shorter shelf life, they create a sense of urgency and to take action now.
  • More personal communication resulting in a more relevant prospect who is ready to buy.


Leads and more leads!
Mobile web and text message marketing generate the highest quality leads in the digital space. TxT2Look allows immediate response to a dealers’ call to action in any advertising medium (print, radio, TV, outdoor, show room signs) and can provide an audit trail to measure the success of any medium.

Texting a dealer keyword results in an instant email/text alert to the dealer sales department with the mobile number of the consumer allowing immediate follow up.

Consumers using mobile web search convert to leads at 20 – 30% conversion rates – and represent highly motivated users.

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